An idea we've been dreaming of for quite some time. Stoked to say that it has finally become a reality. A trip that will stay forever.

Three riders, a filmer and a campervan - these, not surprisingly, turned out to be the ingredients for a full-blown 9-day bmx experience on the streets of Greece. We called it TOKAROTO.

Check out the video, read a few words about the project, and browse through our photo gallery.

This trip was both so chill and not. While evading responsibilities in sunny Greece, I had to push myself harder than ever to catch up with the bangers my teammates threw all day long. Definitely was the highlight of this year. Cheers to many more!

Anthony "Magic" Jelev

TOKAROTO was like a portal back to childhood where we rode BMX every day from morning to night, combined with the freedom that comes from traveling through different cities with a campervan. This was definitely another dream that came true! Thank you!

Hristo Iliev

Nine days dedicated to riding, filming, traveling and living in the campervan with my awesome friends. Nothing else I can ask for. A real BMX experience that will be remembered forever!

Boyan Stoev

Thrilling two weeks in Greece! My first trip, filled with BMX adventures and capturing unforgettable moments with my camera at 15 y.o.

Bobby Stoilov
The filmer

In Greek, "to karoto" means "the carrot". This came about from a language learning app where the first thing they teach you is how to say "the carrot" So we were repeating it constantly as a joke. It became contagious and the Greeks started saying too, so we thought it would turn out to be a good name for the project

The crew consisted of Hristo, Magic, Boyan and Bobby, the filmer. We started from Sofia, followed by Thessaloniki, Volos, Lamia, and finally Athens.

We were lucky to have wonderful weather throughout the trip which allowed us to also enjoy the beach and have a really good time. We spent most of our time in Athens. An important highlight was sharing the camper as living space among the four of us. Riding and filming from morning to night. It was very exciting and productive because everyone was pushing themselves a lot. I personally have never had so many tricks on serious street spots for such a short time. A big contributor to that was the high level of focus and commitment that we had as a team. Every day was a mission to get the most out of the available time and energy, and it was a great process.

Bobby, our filmer, had a huge role in making the whole thing happen so productively because it’s been a while since we had someone on a trip who was there only to film. His contribution was enormous; he is incredibly dedicated to his craft and possesses a unique vision that is constantly evolving. And he’s only 15 years old! 

In Athens, we were with the locals all the time. They took amazing care of us, every day showing us around a different neighbourhood, always full of spots. Without them we would not have been able to see even a fraction of this street paradise. They are all real gangsters and the underground culture in Athens is blooming. During the night, it's common to witness armed police officers patrolling the streets, explosions echoing here and there, and anarchists throwing Molotov cocktails at the police. A big chunk of the locals have punk mohawks, reflecting belief systems of resistance against authority. It’s a chaotic world that’s impressive to see! 

Speaking of awesome locals...

Kostas Mandilaras (@kostas_mandilaras) is an Athenian bmx legend and photographer. He was one of the main riders that spent time with us and helped us get the most out of Athens. Not only is he a super cool dude that is too pleasant to hang out with, but he also shot some amazing photos while our team was filming.

Below you can enjoy a full gallery by Kostas, showing priceless moments from the trip.

Go check his photography Instagram for more cool bmx shots:

And a little bonus.. In case you want to add the songs from Tokaroto to your Spotify playlist, here's the link.

Hope you enjoyed our project. Big gratitude to everyone that contributed to this experience. Can't wait for the next one.